Everything seems ok – It’s a Conservative majority and the country is still ok

So here we are almost three weeks into a Conservative Majority government, yes that’s right a Conservative majority. For those who don’t remember 1992 or were yet to appear in the world, ask your parents. Some of course may wish to forget the Major years but that’s life.

So what have we seen during this time? Well after the ironic protests about the fact that we have a majority Conservative government, that’s democracy for you, he’ll hasn’t frozen over, the NHS isn’t dead, the world hasn’t ended, Thanet South suffered a minor earthquake although that was geographical not political. Talking of Thanet, any one who thought we would see the end of media interest in the area, had that idea shot to pieces when the people of Thanet (not me) voted for a UKIP run council. The first district council to be run by UKIP.

The media aren’t going to be going away anytime soon what with UKIP going to be pressing for the CPO to reopen Manston Airport amongst other things. The scrutiny will be high up no end. Anyway, we aren’t here to talk UKIP, but instead the Conservative majority government and what has happened and what lies ahead for the nation. The Queens Speech saw various bills, 26 in fact. They ranged from reducing the Benefits Cap from £26,000 to £23,000, legislation to increase free childcare, outlawing legal highs with dealers facing seven year prison sentences and of course the In/Out referendum.

Of course many on the left don’t seem to quite understand democracy and are a tad hypocritical about it. They were complaining that a government being elected on 37% of the vote was not right. Not the best way to insult those who happily voted Conservative. In fact 11,334,576 of us voted for a Conservative candidate and if you lived in Witney, you literally did get to vote for David Cameron. Given that in 2005 when Labour last won an election, they polled 36% of the vote. Did people go out on the streets to protest? nope. Most people just got on with it and worked hard in what is called the democratic process, working hard towards getting candidates selected and elected at the next election. David Cameron of course was elected as Conservative Party leader in 2005 and despite some early odd decision choices, seemed to make headway. Come 2010, the Conservatives narrowily missed out on an overall majority and found themselves in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems of course had made various promises and ultimately in the interests of the nation’s future, had to let them go. It was a sacrifice they had to make and a sacrifice that would see them suffer in 2015.

The overall message of the Queens Speech was one that seemed to be getting people working and the nation working. Legislation to prevent income tax, vat and NI increases till 2020, no one working 30 hours on the minimum wage paying income tax. The income tax threshold itself increased to £12,500 per person. Then there is legislation on the otherside of the working element. One that will see thresholds introduced for union wishing to take industrial action, given a minimum 50% voting threshold for turnouts and a requirement of 40% entitled to vote, backing the action in public sector services. Some might say that general eletions are only see parties elected on 37% of the vote, the difference with a general election, is that all those entitled to vote have the free will to vote. Those in unions are can often see turn outs of 70% of 25% turnout bring various operations brought to a slow move process. If a union cannot encourage all of its members or at least 50% of its members to vote, then it surely says something that the union bosses arent always on the same wavelength as its members. To the rail commuter who finds his or her journey impeded to work because of strikes. The last thing they would want to know is that the strike that has made their journey difficult, was on a turn out of 30% and just about half of that said yes. This isn’t about stamping on unions, it’s about making things more fair.

We are now just over three weeks since the election and as far as I can see, everything is looking ok (unless you are a Labour supporter or even worse a Lib Dem supporter).


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